Shake Well T-Shirt ™

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Are you ready for a "Shaking" ? Well this Majesty One™ T-Shirt is just for you. We must asked the Lord to "Shake Well" before using us as vessels in the body of Christ. Psalms 44:21 says, ". . . for He knows the secrets of the heart." Before He deems us useful, it must start with a "Shaking". In Psalms 51:7 King David says, "Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin." The word thoroughly in the Hebrew is defined as <Ra-bah> which means, to propel in an upward and downward motion as to agitate or "Shake". In other words, our absolute prayer should be that the Lord "Shake Well" before using us.


Men's T-Shirt; Heather Grey